My 2018 Awards-Eligible Stories

This past year saw the release of two stories eligible for awards consideration:

“The Barrens”
The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, May/June 2018
11,100 words / novelette

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In one of his best of 2018 round-ups, Jason Sanford says, “A group of teenagers follow a pirate radio station’s signal into a dark forest — and the woods are hungry. This new take on a familiar horror trope is a beautifully haunting story.”

I also talked about the story in this interview and was thrilled to receive this review from the B&N SciFi & Fantasy blog.

“The Witch of Osborne Park”
Asimov’s, September/October 2018
3,700 words / short fiction

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Thank you for reading!

Eight Inspirations for “The Witch of Osborne Park”

On the Asimov’s blog, I listed eight little weirdnesses that inspired my new horror story about motherhood. Here’s number two:

In mammals, fetal cells migrate into the mother’s body. The maternal immune system eliminates many of these cells, but some integrate into the host tissue, where they may remain for decades, or even permanently. This makes mothers “micro chimeras,” organisms with distinct sets of genetic material. Little is known about the impact on mothers, or the evolutionary value of such a phenomenon.

More over at From Earth to the Stars. You can find the story itself in the September/October issue of Asimov’s Science Fiction.


“The Witch of Osborne Park” Is Here

The September/October issue of Asimov’s Science Fiction is here, and it brings my story “The Witch of Osborne Park.”

It was expensive to live in Osborne Park, but it was worth it, the realtor promised. You were paying for the charm, engraved corner stones and peaked attics. You were paying for block parties and solstice celebrations. You were paying for the Neighborhood Association; for tranquility and protection.

(Spoiler alert: neither tranquility nor protection are found.)

It is a special joy to share this story with the world during the fall, when the children of Osborne Park gather in their purple robes and don their wooden masks. Happy Halloween, and hold your children close, unless maybe you shouldn’t.

You can order print and digital subscriptions, purchase an eBook copy, or find the issue on the shelves at Barnes & Noble, Books a Million, and a million other stores.

Fall Events in Philly and Brooklyn

I’m looking forward to appearing with Who Will Speak for America? and Blue Stoop friends throughout the fall here in Philly and up in Brooklyn.

September 5, 6pm
Who Will Speak for America? Reading
with Herman Beavers, Cynthia Dewi Oka, Fran Wilde,
Liz Moore, Ken Kalfus, Sarah Rose Etter, Marc Anthony Richardson,
Carlos José Pérez Sámano, and Nathaniel Popkin
Kelly Writers House, University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA

September 27, 7pm
Who Will Speak for America? Reading
with Herman Beavers, Sam J. Miller, Nancy Hightower,
KC Trommer, and Nathaniel Popkin
Powerhouse Arena, 28 Adams Street
Brooklyn, NY

October 15
in conversation with Lisa Locascio, author of Open Me
presented by Blue Stoop
Penn Book Center
Philadelphia, PA

November 5
Who Will Speak for America? Election Eve Reading
with Ken Kalfus, Nathaniel Popkin, Carlos José Pérez Sámano, and Fran Wilde
Philadelphia, PA
Details to come.

December 6, 7pm
The Rally Reading Series
with Nathaniel Popkin and KC Trommer
Pete’s Candy Store
Brooklyn, NY

#ForewordFaceOff Interview

We also recognize that in order to fight for your values you must first be able to articulate them. My favorite response to the Writers Resist event came from an attendee who walked in with skepticism. He thought there was little use in preaching to the choir. In the end, he found a lot of value in publicly and collectively affirming our beliefs and our commitment to fighting for them.

(I said.)

Thank you to Foreword Reviews for interviewing us about Who Will Speak for America? Read the whole piece here.

Readercon Schedule

I’m looking forward to my first Readercon next month! Here’s my schedule:

Panel: Defying the Pigeonhole
Thursday, 9pm. Blue Hills.

“This panel of readers will celebrate favorite authors who can’t be contained by a single genre—some exploring multiple genres within one work, some dipping in and out of them throughout their careers—and talk about the ways they break free of expectations to soar.”

With Marissa Lingen, Michael Dirda, Chandler Klang Smith, and Ellen Datlow.

Friday, 7pm. Salon B.

I plan on reading both published and new material.

The Open Book Author Cabaret, June 22

I’m looking forward to joining Open Book Bookstore, one of my favorite indie booksellers, for the spring Author Cabaret.

Date: Friday, June 22
Time: 8PM TO 10PM
Place: Elkins Central: The Elkins Park Train Station Arts Venue

I’ll be reading alongside Nathaniel Popkin, Tom McAllister, Madeline Miller, and Robin Black.

Details here.