#ForewordFaceOff Interview

We also recognize that in order to fight for your values you must first be able to articulate them. My favorite response to the Writers Resist event came from an attendee who walked in with skepticism. He thought there was little use in preaching to the choir. In the end, he found a lot of value in publicly and collectively affirming our beliefs and our commitment to fighting for them.

(I said.)

Thank you to Foreword Reviews for interviewing us about Who Will Speak for America? Read the whole piece here.

Readercon Schedule

I’m looking forward to my first Readercon next month! Here’s my schedule:

Panel: Defying the Pigeonhole
Thursday, 9pm. Blue Hills.

“This panel of readers will celebrate favorite authors who can’t be contained by a single genre—some exploring multiple genres within one work, some dipping in and out of them throughout their careers—and talk about the ways they break free of expectations to soar.”

With Marissa Lingen, Michael Dirda, Chandler Klang Smith, and Ellen Datlow.

Friday, 7pm. Salon B.

I plan on reading both published and new material.

The Open Book Author Cabaret, June 22

I’m looking forward to joining Open Book Bookstore, one of my favorite indie booksellers, for the spring Author Cabaret.

Date: Friday, June 22
Time: 8PM TO 10PM
Place: Elkins Central: The Elkins Park Train Station Arts Venue

I’ll be reading alongside Nathaniel Popkin, Tom McAllister, Madeline Miller, and Robin Black.

Details here.

“The Barrens” on the May Short Fiction Roundup

The Barnes & Noble Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog has included “The Barrens” in its May 2018 roundup of short fiction:

“The Barrens” is a haunting, complex tale, simultaneously frightening and strangely uplifting. Feldman skillfully draws together the treacherous physical world of the Barrens with the shifting inner landscape of the mind of a teen headed into adulthood. There are chilling scenes of horror, vividly drawn characters, and music that serves both as a beacon and bait. Common coming-of-age fears—what to do when high school is over, how to avoid losing touch with friends when you move away, how to find your place in the world—are woven together with the literal monsters lurking in the woods.

Read the whole list here. The issue is currently available for purchase in most Barnes & Nobles as well as online. Electronic versions are available worldwide from Weightless Books, as well as from Amazon (US) and Amazon (UK).

Interview with the F&SF Blog

Usually my process is thorny and angst-ridden, but I had so much fun writing this story. Maybe it comes back to my inspiration—the reckless energy of the music—or maybe it was imagining those kids speeding through the dark woods, both hunter and hunted. It was all adventure. (The characters would likely disagree.)

Read my whole interview about writing “The Barrens” at The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction blog.

“The Barrens” Now Available

I’m over the moon (get it?) that my horror novelette “The Barrens” is the cover story for the May/June issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. Five teenagers venture into New Jersey’s vast Pine Barrens, in search of the pirate radio station 81.9FM The Barrens and its elusive DJ. But, as in all good horror stories, they should be more worried about what might find them. (Purchase information below.)

A car cruises up State Route 206, alone under the flushed sky. It parks beside the blackening pines, its doors wing open, and out step two teenagers. They’re suited to the land: dark jeans, black sweatshirts, skin and hair the shade of sand and soil. But their hearts are like the sky, fresh and pink. Flaming.

One holds a silver radio, first to her ear and then above her head. She turns in place, and so does her friend, intent on the compass in his hand. The calendar says spring, today, but still the nights are cold.

“Turn it up,” the boy, Brendan, says, and the girl, Tia, spins the dial a half-turn.

The music is like a fluttering ribbon in the air, thin but vibrant, and when it flares, the two stand in place. They’re facing the entrance to the woods, the beginning of Glass Forge Road.

They look at each other and smile. Perfect.

Look for copies in bookstores, including most Barnes & Nobles, or order online from the publisher. Electronic versions are available worldwide from Weightless Books, as well as from Amazon (US) and Amazon (UK). You can also add and review on Goodreads. SFWA members can read via the association website. (Log in required.)