4-Week Online Bootcamp: Solve Your Novel’s Structure

This spring, I’m teaching a new online course: a four-week bootcamp for structuring your novel. You’ll learn how to find dramatic potential in your protagonist and build a satisfying story, and will walk away with an understanding of plot structure and a detailed synopsis of your project. The course is open to all–those who haven’t started writing yet, and those in the middle of a thorny draft. It starts the last in week in March. Visit Catapult to learn more and sign up.

Read “The Hermit” in The Maine Review

I’m thrilled to see my story, “The Hermit,” in print in issue 4.1 of The Maine Review.  Living in a decaying neighborhood,  a young woman thinks her only hope of salvaging her inheritance–and the life she hoped for–is to sell her mother’s rowhouse to the company planning to demolish her city block. But when a religious hermit moves into the abandoned house next store and begins dispensing wisdom through the boarded windows, she realizes her loyalties are more complicated than she thought. Ultimately she must decide what kind of neighbor she truly wants to be, and what it means to call a place home.

Copies are now available.